Woke up at night, and saw a person next to my bed?!?

Say Asked: Woke up at night, and saw a person next to my bed?!?

So, twice, I've been in my room sleeping, and I've woken up (I'm 100% sure I was awake) and I sat up slightly, I was definetly awake, everything in my room was the same, the tv off, lights off, blinds shut, what i was wearing etc, and the first time, I saw a figure of a man with a creepy smile on his face standing close to my bed, which was frightening. Then after about 15 seconds of me staring at him in silence, he faded into the furniture. I think I stayed awake for a few minutes, before going back to sleep. The other time, I woke up, and was completely awake at about 3am, and I saw the figure of a young girl standing next to my bed. She didn't look mean, and was smiling, so I wasn't scared. She didn't if this makes sense, look like a real person, she was like a drawing or something, but she still looked very real, with full of emotion on her face. She was standing there and smiling at me, and I just remember smiling back, then I think she faded away and I fell asleep again. Has this sort of thing ever happened to anyone else?
Another dream I remember very very clearly was a few years ago, when I had an extremely realistic lucid dream. I realised I was dreaming early on (I had many lucid dreams at that time, I don't know why though) and I haven't ever had such a realistic dream in my life. There where all these people, who thought they where in the real world, and I was completely myself, aware I was in a dream, and told everyone that this was a pretend world, and I was sleeping. None of them believed me, which scared me. The dream felt like it went on for ages, and I felt really lonely and frustrated that I couldn't wake up, and no one in this dream world believed me. I remember I went outside in the dream, and I felt the wind so strongly on my face, it felt so realistic, just like I was actually outside. I haven't ever been able to feel wind or weather in a dream so that was strange. I was aware of everything, and these people kept telling me I was delusional, and this was the real world. I became worried as to how I would wake up. After a while I began to give up. When I did wake up, I felt so relived, and this dream is extremely memorable to me, because of how real everything felt in this 'world' and the coldness of the strong breeze, and how aware I was of everything, I was exactly the same person as I am when awake, and knew everything about my life etc, that I had to get back to my family and friends and wake up. I was just wondering if anyone has had any simular experiences to this?


usename Answered:
LOL me too

Marian Sweets Answered:
this aint damn poll survey question.

Seasons Past By Answered:
If this continues to happen over a period of time I'd go and see a doctor or something. 'Cause that sh!t ain't right!

Thor Answered:
you look cute when your sleeping ,but your bloody snoring made me move out of the room !

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  1. David says:

    I believe this is astral projection, it’s when you connect with the supernatural, watch the movie insidious… it’ll scare you but you’ll find ways to protect yourself from it happening again

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