Why was my bed shaking at night ?

Leahnora Asked: Why was my bed shaking at night ?

Last night while I was half way asleep , i felt my bed shaking for a couple of minutes . I was very scaredsince i had no idea what was going on . It felt like I was leaving my body while i was conscious and my heart was beating very fast . Then I prayed and it all stopped but my heart was still beating fast and I felt so nervous and tingly , and like an hr later i fell back to sleep . I heard it might've been astral projection but I'm not too sure about that since I dont even practice any of that stuff . I'm trying not to jump into conclusions but my mom had outer body experiences as well but idk .. Please help !


Derric Answered:
Most likely just some seismic activity.

Zia Lucia Answered:
No worries Leahnora.You are not experiencing anything supernatural, not astral projection or anything particularly unusual.

The other contributor is perfectly correct, you might have felt a faint earth tremor. This is particularly likely if you live in California or any other earthquake zone. But there is an even simpler possibility.

As you already said yourself: you were halfway asleep. Part of your mind is slipping into a dream, while another part of your mind is still sort of awake and aware of the bedroom. The shaking sensation is very similar to the typical falling dream (which relates to "falling" asleep.) Your mind is in between states, so it feels pulled in both directions = shaking. Jerking into full wakefulness and feeling your heart beating quickly both resemble the falling dream as well.

So – good for you for reflexively praying! And good for you for not jumping to conclusions. You're not only sensible, you are wise and practical. Well done.

John S Answered:
Seek the Lord about this as it may be a warning of something He is trying to reveal to you that is coming.Ask the Holy Spirit to show you what exactly He is trying to share with you.This could be something that is coming soon in the natural and He is trying to get your attention– if that is the case, than ask Him how He wants you to be prepared for it.Or it could be spiritual warfare.And if so, than seek Him on how to war in the Spirit.A book that may be helpful to you in that is, "He Teaches My Hands to War," by Larry Stockstill.Don't take this lightly.As the Lord oftentimes warns His people before He's about to do something, which shows His mercy.The reason He does this is so that you can prepare for what's about to occur.

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