Why do aliens always butt-diddle the people they abduct?

Phineas Gage Asked: Why do aliens always butt-diddle the people they abduct?

Whenever someone claims to have been abducted by aliens, they always talk about being sexually probed.What's up with all these perv aliens flying around?You'd think after the first few people they molested, they'd get whatever info they needed about how humans work but no… they keep abducting people over and over and OVER and repeating the same dildonic experiments.

What a bunch of freakin' perverts! Quit probing us!Or better yet, the people who claim to be abductees should stop doing so much LSD, DMT, and shroomage.

Is it me or is it a remarkable coincidence that abductees always have fantasy-prone minds that believe in stuff like astral projections, menial telepathy, psychic powders, and other such silliness?Quit making stuff up already!Jeez.If you want attention, go audition for American Idol or something.


Duck Answered:
It's because aliens have been picking up old radio signals."Shake Your Booty", "Baby Got Back", "What What (in the Butt)" and so on … it's making them try to figure out the significance and importance of the butt.

George Patton Answered:
I think it's more a result of pervs with crazy fantasies making up the abductions, than it is a matter of perv aliens.

Charlie J Answered:
and why is it that they only abduct the village idiot, cows and drink chickens blood?

chocolahoma Answered:
I've read up on the alien abduction phenomenon.While I will not argue that there is not a psycho-sexual component to many of the reports, the idea that people routinely claim anal rape by aliens is a fallacy.That concept was created by popular media, comedians, movies, and the Internet.

And you are perpetuating the myth posting stuff like this.

Dan Answered:
…Retro fantasy fiction? XD idk

Prometheus Answered:
I think you'll find that the answer is born of a very practical desire to learn about the human anatomy, es[pecially its ability to reproduce a like kind. According to many reports aliens are "reverse engineering" humans in order to build their own version of the human biological entity… why they should do this is not clear at the present.

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