Who has ever experienced lucid dreaming?

Ashlee H Asked: Who has ever experienced lucid dreaming?



I have. Sometimes when I go to sleep, I can figure out when I'm dreaming. It's weird like, I can just jump up in my dream and I'll start floating and then I can fly. It's pretty amazing. I can also control who appears in my dream, what they do, where I am and stuff like that really. Like, I used to like this guy and I used to just make him appear and like me. Sad I know…
I've done it since I was 5. I used to have really bad nightmares but then I became lucid and I could just make whatever it was go away.
I tend to find out because I tend to be always in school or home and the rooms look different. Also, I find that if you wear a watch or write something on your hand and keep looking at it throughout the day, then you end up looking at it in your dream and you'll know your dreaming 'cause the writing or the digits on the watch look different.
Though once, I was going through a difficult time and I thought of myself in a really bad way and then when I was dreaming, I looked at myself in a mirror and I saw myself as I thought about myself; my reflection was a monster. I then knew I was dreaming but it was creepy. ><
It sounds pretty mental, I know, but when I have a bad day, I just make myself lucid in my dreams and it just cheers me up really 'cause I can control what happens and just have a situation that I want, even if it's not real.

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