which book to choose?

Asked: which book to choose?

Literally, I m looking for a method.

so, "Out of Body Experiences : How to have them and what to expect" will be better or "Adventures beyond the Body: How to experience out of body travel?

so, between these two, which would be better and if none is better than suggest me any other, but remember i m looking for a method to induce an OBE or Astral Projection


John Answered:

This site should give plenty of info,
Here's a technik I picked up, I don't know where to find it thou. Its based on two things, your body's hormones, and your arcadic rhythm.

Its simple, most people sleep about 8-9 hours, so sleep 4, Wake up, Do something for about an 1/2 hr, to an hour. Something active. then go back to sleep. Your body's still tired, and will fall asleep, by your minds half awake. So you still have to kinda guide your way in an obe, but it really saves some effort.

Corey Answered:
Go with "Astral Dynamics" by Robert Bruce. I have this book and the techniques in there are very thorough and correct. He teaches you energy work, which is quite necessary in building up to a projection, and he teaches you exit techniques and how to induce trance. He is very knowledgeable about such things and has many programs about it, so he can be trusted. You won't be disappointed with that buy.

Pedobear the master baiter Answered:
Take a rock and slam your head into it and have fun

Steadfast Answered:
they were numb and felt like something.


CLOUD Answered:
Not everyone can do it. End of story.
And for the record, very few people are born with the ability to do it, most people have to try for years and years before they can actually do it.

Boooorrrriiing Answered:
No I won't share my knowledge. You will have to want forever more and never experience.

massofthephoenix Answered:
"The Dynamics of Astral Projection." Is a good book on it.

I also do astral body strengthening rituals daily. That's not the entire purpose of them but they do strengthen your astral form somehow. I do a 4 times a day prayer called "Liber Resh" for religious purposes but it also serves to connect me with the sun(the "source") and make me more astrally aware.


Eragon Dovahkiin Answered:
Try taking valerian root and melatonin.

Kazoo M Answered:
Don't open a door you cannot close.

When we open ourselves to the dark realm we are openly allowing any spirit to enter.

Remember, the spirit that enters is always dark/evil and has the ability to close the door behind…

Billy Answered:
astral projection is not something that can be brought onby any meansinitially. the first time it happens without your knowledge. usually when you are so tiredyou cannot stay awake.my mom knew when i was coming home from a road trip because she saw me walk up to the front door and say i'm home. then i woulddisappear. within 24 hrs. i would pull up in front of the house.i never was able to surprise her. the bad thing is, i never knew i did it.

everready Answered:
Sorry for all the shitty answers you got. This is evidence of the amount of ignorant people in the world who don't believe in something that could unlock the meaning of life for them. Oh well. Their loss. As for your experience, the huge jolt through your spine could've been a strong energy flow, or even a surge of kundalini through the chakras (though that's less likely). The numbness is ideal for the situation you must be in to project; you realize that you have to be in sleep paralysis to leave your body, right? So that's a good start. Try not to think about anything. If you think of something, you won't be able to go into this state. Your body must be asleep while your mind is awake this involves HUGE amounts of work on your part to focus your mind and avoid falling asleep, along with many other factors which commonly hinder us on our path to success. An easier way for short term success (though meditation is still highly recommended) is to try to make yourself wake up in sleep paralysis in the morning. A way to increase your chances of this happening is to sleep really long (longer than 12 hours) on the weekend sometime. Get up for around 10-30 minutes (don't drink any caffeine or anything) and then go back to sleep. Doing this kind of puts you more on the border of sleep and in a lethargic state which makes it more likely for you to wake up in such a way. Commonly do reality checks throughout the day, so that during your dreams you're more likely to pick up on if you're dreaming or not. This comes in handy because you can convert lucid dreams into astral projections. So throughout your awake-life, ask yourself frequently, "Am I dreaming? Is this all real?" And if you get in the habit of doing it awake, chances are you'll do it while you're asleep as well and make it much more likely to have lucid dreams. Those are a few pointers . . . I wish you luck on your spiritual journeys and endeavors!

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