When your in a astral projection, does it feel? ?

Alexis Asked: When your in a astral projection, does it feel? ?

For example, can you open your eyes like when your in physical form, or it all takes place in your mind.


angela Answered:
It is much like lucid dreaming, where you catch yourself in a dream and look down at your hands and say I know this is a dream.It seems as real as waking life, yet you know it is a dream.If you try to tell someone you meet in your dream this is a dream, they will say don't ruin it for me I am pretending this is real.The same is waking life, we are pretending that is real.It is real in that we experience it yes, but real as in the terms of perception as we think no.You are alive just like you are in your physical body but in your astral body which can fly and do all kinds of neat things.This is astral travel.To me projection means for me to zoom in on say your room and describe it to you, to be there with you as the soul is capable of being in unlimited places at one time.You do feel light and much freer in your astral body, if you function mainly in it and realize you are not blood and bones and guts you can renew your life force and live a very long time.You can google Babaji if you are interested in learning more about that.ECK teaches soul travel which sounds very interesting, more than astral travels.Journeys out of the Body by Robert Monroe is a good book about astral travels.

GOD1333 Answered:
Astral Projection is shifting/projecting your consciousness to your astral body which is ALWAYS are on the astral-planes(4th dimension).

Also, OBEs is when your astral body is on the physical world(3rd dimension), and you are basically an Inter-dimensional being.

Imagine the Astral realm as the ocean.

Dream is the sandy beach and lucid dreaming is like walking barefoot in the tide.

Lucid dreaming, for most, is the most practical doorway into the astral world and second to that is the best way to become aware of how much control you can have of the circumstances of your life and how you can pursue the depth of the "rabbit hole" on purpose and with better information retention….READ MORE….

That was just a little literature on Astral-projection and to answer your question….

When you have a lucid dream there is this hazy unawareness, but on the astral-planes, you are fully-aware and your emotions are UNLEASHED!

And you take things head on…It will make you are break you!

And the experience can't be put into words…its something you need to experience.

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