When lucid dreaming…?

Asked: When lucid dreaming…?

Can you really do ANYTHING at all?


It's possible, but for a lot of things it takes practice. For example, my first 4 lucid dreams, I was unable to fly. And still to this day, I cannot make an entire city bend upwards like what happened in inception. And if I try too hard, i'll just wake up(fully).

But if you want to affect real world stuff, then that's impossible, unless it's just improving your skills at something.

Yes! When I lucid dream, it is usually right before a life or death moment in the dream. I search for all possible solutions, then realize I am simply in a dream. So, I manage to manipulate the dream to escape the situation. Once I realize I can manipulate the dream, I usually go off and do some nonsense and soon forget I'm dreaming again. That's my experience at least, and it's happened a few times. Hope this helps!

Yes! You can do anything you like in your Lucid Dream, if you take a lot of practice. My experience was to fly all around the world, to meet my favorite football player and to jump from the top of the building without getting hurt :)


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