What does this dream mean?

the REAL law of attraction Asked: What does this dream mean?

I dreamt that I was writing a movie script for a bunch of people and was trying to get inspiration for my script through my dreams. It was kind of a lucid dreaming where I was orchestrating the dream like a play.

In my dream, there was a woman who had been kidnapped by a bunch of sailors on a sail boat, and the man who kidnapped her kept raping her. She lost her virginity to her rapist. After being raped twice, she decided she would turn this rape game into a relationship, so she started intiating sex and became very passionate about her rapist. She even started initiate the sex even more often than he did and they were now a married man and wife instead of a rapist and a victim. However while she was enjoying herself, it never occurred to her that she would become pregnant from having sex with her boyfriend and now she was doomed to endure the agonies of child bearing, and carry the tiring responsibilities of raising a child that she did not want. It was like she was raped all over again, because she was trapped in a situation she did not like or approve of.


Atheism Fails Again Answered:
Nothing, it's a dream

nilescclover Answered:
maybe that you conquered your fear of the day, or night.
or maybe that you conquered the darkness so that you could sleep, maybe it was telling you time to get up.

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