What do you think of this manga idea?

MangoNinja Asked: What do you think of this manga idea?

I hope you guys actually read all this….

So it's about these 9 kids who are the last decedents of the Lost Continent of Mu (If you don't know what that is Google it). They all have special telepathic abilities that they don't know about, they also don't know that they are the decedents of Mu. So, they are all separated from each other, scattered across the globe. They were all living ordinary lives but one day 13 major world wide accidents occurred simultaneously . This was event was later known as Unlucky Thirteen. All the children with the abilities, were in all of these accidents. One of those accidents happened in Prussia, where half of the world's Nuclear missiles were accidentally launched and detonated in Prussia, Destroying half the country, and killing more than a third of the citizens of Prussia. One of the children was in the epicenter of the whole accident, and he was the sole survivor of the city that was destroyed. They later found that he was in the middle of a patch of grass shaped like a circle with no trace of any chemicals on him or the grass what so ever, while his surroundings had all been scorched by the explosion. Actually all the nine children had been the center of these catastrophes and had somehow activated they're powers for the first time. This was the start of the events that had led them to discovering who they were.
A month later, the nine kids were kidnapped by a mysterious organization, along with 1 individual. They all met each other for the first time, and agreed to escape together. As they escape they, again activated there powers for the second time. They are all astonished about the others' powers, as well as their own. After they escape, the individual, explained what had happened one month ago about how they were all the targets of the accidents, as well as himself and his 3 other colleagues, who had all died during Unlucky Thirteen.He explained he had been a scientist who studied Ancient Human Folklore and Telekinesis.The man did not finish as he was about to explain their powers, the last words he uttered before the group was ambushed and the man was killed was, "you must find the entrance to Mu, before it rises once more….". After narrowly escaping death a third time, the kids were saved when one of them had performed a group teleportationthat had scattered them once more…..

So that's pretty much all I have for the story so far, except for the characters:

The nine children all posses a unique ability that only they have. One of them is able to produce Indestructible force fields through telekinesis, another is able to teleport. One has Pyrokinesis (control over fire), another has Phycokinesis (control over gravity). And there are a set of twins who are able to do Hydrokinesis (water) and cryokinesis (ice), One has electro kinesis (electricity), another has the ability of astral Projection and sort of predicts the future, and the youngest and most power fullest is able to change the weather either by willing it to change or by his emotions.

So THAT is all I have so far, any ideas to make it better, or your opinions. And please inform me if this reminded you of any other manga or anime you have heard of before (which I hope it doesn't) and if you would like to make any changes, please don't hesitate to do so. And also your critism and opinion is welcome.


FudgeNouget Answered:
1) First of all, I'd like to say this is a GREAT idea. I can't particularly think of a manga similar to this plot line either – very original :)

2) The first thing I found weird as I was reading was that there are 9 kids – but 13 accidents. That number doesn't mix… xD It means at least 4 accidents are unrelated, though if that was on purpose so that you can use it later to introduce new characters or something – I think that was great.

3) One think it could lack if the Main Character. The main character is always important in any setup, but what you just described seems to lack it – or all 9 of the kids seem like the protagonist. I can kind of see that the Main Character will be the youngest/most powerful that controls weather, but I'm not exactly sure so.

4) This is not contending to what you said but when you're creating the characters, be sure to think about who will be reading it. Adults, teens, boys, girls, etc. I'm guessing it'll be for teens+ since it has kind of a dark theme and in that case, you wouldn't want the main characters to be too young. At LEAST 13~14 and possibly more because if they're too young, the readers won't be able to put themselves in their shoes as much. Also, if they're older, it'll be easier to mix in a little bit of romance – as all mangas should since a shounen manga needs a heroine.

5)One more compliment. I really like how you made them seperate once more. i think that's pretty clever 😛

Derek Answered:
Dude that's cool I love you idea!

Druidprime Answered:
1. there is not super being, so not a factor
2. no, that's a made up term to make it sound all mysterious
3. no, projecting is just a function of brain chemistry, there's no reality to it outside of your own mind
4. none, well, unless you fall out of bed or try to project while driving a car.

Pytr Pytr Answered:
One opinion:God is not against "soul travel" per se, but is "offended" by "witchcraft, variance," etc.
Thus, your motives are more important.
A way to approach OBE is via dream awareness and "lucid dreaming."
http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Lucid_Dream and
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Out-of-body are reasonable introductions.
The Great Divorce, C. S. Lewis, gives a good intuitive depiction of OBE.
Thus, this advice:ask God on a nightly basis to heal, guide, protect, and teach your soul, as your body rests at night, and ask to have relevant information and guidance revealed to your outer waking consciousness as it is appropriate.Keep a dream journal, notice precognitive scenes, themes, and lucid or angel telepathy moments.

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