What can I do to Lucid Dream?

Asked: What can I do to Lucid Dream?

It's my first day of trying to learn how to do it (I know it's a long process to practise and I'm prepared for that) and I want to know what else I can do. Last night, before I slept I repeated to myself 'I will have a lucid dream' until it was my subconscious saying it and I was thinking about something else until I fell asleep. I woke up this morning and I recorded my dream in a 'dream journal,' as they say. Today I'm going to do the 'dream signs' thing and try to touch doors, pinch myself etc. to remind myself that I'm awake and apparently, I should do this in my sleep eventually and then I'll know I'm lucid dreaming. But for now, is there anything else I can do?


Okay let's see. I'm 17 and have been lucid dreaming for years, I am able to do it at will so you'd be wise to take my advice! Its really quite simple and it helps that your willing to pratise and prepare. Just some background info, lucid dreaming can help to combat any stress (given the unlimited possibilities) and can even help you prepare for tests, but let's be honest you won't study when you can fly.

So try these steps,
Alright, so when you wake up begin by telling yourself that you will be lucid dreaming tonight. To properly ensure this, try doing it every 30mins, just say I will be lucid dreaming tonight.

Now when your tucked in bed at the end of the day, either count to 100 with your eyes shut saying 1, I am dreaming, 2 I am dreaming 3 I am dreaming etc etc etc..till 100 by then you should be dreaming if not, redo till 150 if not that then go to sleep. Try again tomorrow.

Or do this. Same routine as above altho when you get into bed, close your eyes and DO NOT MOVE, no scratching, absolutely nothing. After 20-30mins your mind enters REM, and you begin to lucid dream. But whatever you do, DO NOT open your eyes, what you can see can cause shock. Your hallucinating, you open your eyes and see people.

When you mentioned "dream signs" their actually called Reality Checks. Yes lol, do about 10 a day after you lucid. You will need them. Also when you lucid dream, you must go directly back to sleep. Its to catch up cause you haven't really slept.

So best of luck, it can be dangerous if done wrong though.

one of my friends put a dot on their hand with a sharpie and just got used to looking at it. because when your asleep the dot wont be there or so he said that he could sometimes realize he was in a dream then control what happend in the dream. ive never done it bec the few times ive realized i was in a dream i get excited and wake up. but i have done stuff in my sleep than woke up and forgot it was a dream and get pissed bec i did it. and he would also keep a dream journal and write down every dream he had .

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