What are tips for initiating Astral Projection?

Asked: What are tips for initiating Astral Projection?

First off, please no rude answers or skeptics. Keep your opinions to yourself.

Just few hours earlier I tried to perform astral projection. I was getting all those strange vibes and buzz all over my body, heart beat became fast, I found little uneasy to breathe and even my arms and legs were twitching itself but nothing happened after that I just stuck in the very first stage. Actually I used to have lucid dream but this time I did it intentionally and it was my first time .so umm what I can I do to step in the separation stage where my physical body and astral body separates. Am I doing something wrong or there's something else that I should be more considered about. Please drop your tips and take on it. Thanks for your time and attention.


Do the hokey pokey then you turn around. That's what it's all about.

I would say take baby steps, things done in patience and discipline work out best.

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