What are the differences between theta meditation and normal meditation?

hajjid Asked: What are the differences between theta meditation and normal meditation?

Hi I am a newbie to meditations, but so far I have tried a few. Recently I have come across these theta binaulary beats and have noticed that it brings me to deeper meditative state and even faster than the regular observe your breath meditation however I still do apply this technique of breath observation while listening to the beats anyway so it is very similar but it just works quicker. So please fellow meditatiors can you give me some extra info on this.

Actualy the reason I got to this was because I really want to try astral projection and have read that it can be achieved through meditation, specificaly when you reach the theta state (which you can reach even without the binaulary sounds,but probably with years of experience) so I tried meditating tonight but nothing happened :/ I mean no AP but still it was nice meditation, perhaps I should lean towards the other technique lying in the bed and wake up after falling asleep (sleep paralysis)

1. What do you think is the best for Astral Projection -normal med,theta sounds med, or lying in the bed

2.Which meditation should I keep on practising in general -normal med, or sound guided med

thanks for your opinions


GOD1333 Answered:
Yes, there is a difference between them….Theta uses beats to trigger your brain into a hypnotic state, and normal meditation is just you sitting alone, breathing, and beginning to "feel" things around you.

Since, alot of people live in noisy cities…so that's what theta meditation are for…or originated, I guess.

1.I think what is best for astral projection, is the go to sleep and wake up like at 2-3am and put on theta beats and lie in the bed and relax, but do NOT fall asleep.

2.I don't know, just put on the astral projection sounds and just relax and try to trick your body into thinking thats its asleep.

Honey Ryder Answered:
I thought they were a Goa trance outfit from Israel.

purnomosidhi Answered:
Yup, the sensation is like consuming drug. Sometimes, we feel out body experience where we can see our own body. Our brainwave becomes alpha.

khpiryv Answered:
Astral projection is an illusion caused by a "glitch" in our brains. One of our brain's functions is defining our "center" of consciousness, a specific point where we feel that our mind is there. Generally this is our head, the place where most of our sensory organs are. However, under certain circumstances, this part of the brain malfunctions and decides that the center of your consciousness is somewhere else across the room. The rest of your brain interprets this odd information as if you are floating outside of your body, causing an out-of-body experience (a.k.a. astral projection). Because the brain cannot actually project you out of your body, you can't trust anything you learn during an OOBE any more than you can trust something you read on the Internet in a dream. Reports of people gaining correct information this way are all anecdotal and must be explained by coincidence or simple lies until direct empirical evidence to the contrary is obtained.

Sam Answered:
It doesn't exist.

theambusher Answered:
Hi JOEYou have to understand that nobody knows if it is really happening or not.It is very possible that we can move part of our awareness to other places,We do understand that there is much we don't understand about what our brains are capable of doing.It doesn't mean we are spiritual or any of that it only means that it seems we can place our awareness to someplace else.

lewis Answered:
an out of body experience is spiritual. How can you not be spiritual when you have experienced something like that. You obviously believe in people having spirits or at least you do now. I believe for each person it is different. In nomine patris Satan!

Corey Answered:
It's imaginary, just a hallucination.You are not actually out of your body or astrally projecting.They're either just trances, lucid dreams, or drug induced hallucinations.Whichever way, it's all in the person's head.That's not to say it can't be interesting, just not actually magical. You will notice that people who claim to witness things on their trip that actually happened can't actually prove it.And there is a way that it could be proven if people actually left their bodies, with a simple clairvoyance test.

christopher Answered:
You are not out of your body fully when this happens.

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