Visual Stimulus, Eye Tricks, Visualization, Tripping, Astral Projection, 582hz

Sit Back, Take a Breath… Breath in, HOLD, Breath out, HOLD… Make sure to Breath out double the time your breathing in. so that would be something like: 10 seconds in holding for breath for 10 seconds then breathing out for 20 seconds and after pushing out all Air hold for 5 seconds then breathe out. Your outbound Airways are a little known highway for Toxins, it turns out that this function is one of the human body's most effective means of detox…… It is up to your doctor to recommend what is right for you Keeping that in mind…. Regulate your breath in a way that makes you feel comfortable but allows you to stretch your capacity for breath further. The amount of Seconds that you hold in,breath out and breath in is ultimately up to you. You can reach me the "MBV" or Man Behind the Voice Philip C Costello at CapitolHillWellness@gmail Meditation & Wellness Sessions Offered All over the world. You can Visit our humble website at

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