Using Meditation To Induce Lucid Dreaming

Meditation can bemeditation to induce lucid dreaming used as a type of lucid dreaming induction.  To become better at lucid dreaming, it is necessary to focus the mind to some degree in order to be prepared prior to dreaming.  Meditation is a very useful and effective way to prepare the mind.  When you can focus your intentions, as meditation allows you to do, lucid dreaming is easier to induce.

You can see how this can be true by taking a quick look at the key ingredients to lucid dreaming as most of these require a level of mental focus.:

  • Documenting dreams in a journal
  • Repeating a mantra or phrase to signal the subconscious mind to later realize you are dreaming
  • Identifying or creating symbols to recognize the dream state.
  • Performing reality checks
  • Spinning or smiling to stay lucid and in control

Documenting your dreams is not really improved much by meditation except by any meditation that will help retain memory of the dreams.

For the repetition of a mantra or phrase, meditation can be very useful.  If you are not familiar with this, the idea is to repeat to yourself a phrase such as, “When I dream tonight, I will become lucid and aware that I am dreaming”.  There are many variations of this.  I actually suggest adding to this a plan to purposefully perform a reality check. In this way, not only is the message in your mind, but a plan of action as well.

The strength of dream state symbols can be bolstered by meditating on the symbols before dreaming.  Many of the symbols can be derived from the dream journal since dreams will tend to have a reoccurring symbol of sorts.  Also with meditation, creation of symbols can be more effective.  By focusing on your created symbol, it can more easily be injected into your dreams and therefore recognized easier.

Meditation can help with reality checks too.  Reality checks are easy to perform.  The hard part is remembering to do them.  Higher levels of focus on remembering to do reality checks will naturally be helpful in this area.  The same holds true for remembering to spin or smile to maintain calmness and control of your lucidity.

The main thing to all of it is the remembering.  One of the most difficult things when dealing with the dreams is to remember to invoke any of these skills while dreaming.  The mind is fuzzy in most cases.  Meditation, when done correctly, can be used to hone the necessary focus for these task.

There are plenty of sources available to learn how to meditate as in all forms, the main goal is a profound focus.  However, if you would like some assistance with meditation, there is a variety of audio files available at The Unexplainable Store that can get you there faster and easier.  There are also free samples available so you see which type you like.


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