Undecided Question: Different Kinds Of Binaural Beats?

Casey Beveridge Asked: Undecided Question: Different Kinds Of Binaural Beats?

i know how binaural beats work and i know about the frequencies and alpha,beta,theta and gamma waves.
ive seen binaural beats of different categories. some are for astral projection and OBE's, some are for lucid dreaming, some are for deep meditation and some are "schumanns resonance" (frequency of the earth. heres what i want to know:
what are the different effects of these?
another huge questionn
how do i induce lucid dreaming with binaural beats? like what is the actual process or technique. thanks


They work by playing a different note in each ear, your brain does math automatically and makes them into one sound that is a mean of the two.

Since the sound is within your brain, and it's taking info from the right and the left hemispheres, it can modulate different levels of neural and electrical activity, it can even stimulate different parts of your body by delaying beats slighty to make them sound like they are above or behind your head…

These sounds can trigger different states of consciousness and initiate experiences dormant in your subconscious and/or spirit- which is composed of biophotons and electromagnetic fields BTW.

Dennis Haufmann Answered:
For me it happens at times while I am a sleep….and the key to it is….you first have to slow down your breathing, and in return this will slow down your heart rate….your fast heart rate is what holds in your spirit-soul…..so you don't want to drink coffee or anything like that that may increase your heart rate.

inteleyes Answered:
The Master of Lucid Dreams, Kharitidi
Looking into the Invisible, Aivanhov
The Masters and Their Retreats, Mark Prophet
Watch Your Dreams, Ann Ree Colton
Testimony of Light, Helen Greaves

Reviews at http://www.amazon.com

j Answered:
before being interested in this sort of thing, and actually working on doing it anytme I wanted, it used to happen to me a lot by just accident. It was always when I was falling sleep or trying to wake up. Part of your brain is sleep the other awake….this is the same as meditative state…you can try keeping your mind awake while falling sleep one day that you are really tired…but don't try thinking about having an obe…it will just happen..little by little…fisrt time migt be just an arm you can get out in the spirit…or you will just sit there not flying out…with time you will learn…

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