Umm hi people… i’m looking forward to start a religion but i’m not sure where to begin?

Asked: Umm hi people… i’m looking forward to start a religion but i’m not sure where to begin?

Like how did the big players make their name in the game? I have a few followers but I haven't decided anything in particular likethe name, main deity, what to believe, how to believe and what happens if you don't and other critical aspects… Any ideas on these key points will be helpful. Thanks a bunch!

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BQ:I was thinking to write an e-book instead of a paper book so that the religion looks kinda trendy.. It will attract the young crowd you know… what do you guys think about this idea?


Eye started my own thing. Eye don't even call it a religion, eye just call it by its name. Universal Clarity… Eye am more so like Plato and Tao, neither one have a God name, It is what it is. No name necessary. It is born of all the names of God, This God with all its names is nameless. It is now separated by any means of a name and religion, It is the life sustaining energy that gives life to all. Living and Non living. So, it is all, eye have some of my own writings, some of my own teachings, some of my own meditations, some of my own knowledge of the spirit and the soul and the afterlife and the life before. Eye have my sayings on life beyond earth and aliens, eye have my strength and wisdom frommany of the ancients and what they teach as an example of my truth. Eye have a set of stars on the opposite side of our galaxy that my host is from. So, eye have all the qualities also to start my own religion. You can do it. The best thing to do is to read more and eye been doing these public speaking courses on line. Eye been studying more on the scientific level also, that way eye can incorporate that aspect also. Eye even talk about astral projections too. So, this is in me too. Universal Clarity…. Speaks for itself.

You will only find the true acceptence of God if you know that you are following the right religion. I'm a Muslim and SubhanAllah I never had trouble in religious affairs. Whenever i ask God for something really inportant i feel relaxed and happy because i know God has helped me before and will help me now too!

I'm a Muslim. I say that you read and study about Islam and Qurana little and think about it. Do not listen to other people remarks about Islam. Encourage yourself a little towards this religion.

Why? Let's see!

1) Have you ever wondered or seen animals who are unaware of human speech call the name of Allah. You can check YouTube and you will see this amazing fact. How is this possible. This is possible because there is a God who is the most powerful and the most merciful and that is Allah.

2) Recently a bible has been discovered in Turkey 1500 years old (has been proved by lab research) and consist of text worth 20 million dollars. In that Bible Jesus himself predicts Muhammad will arrive.

3) Zamzam is the name of a famous well in al-Masjid al-Haraam [the Sacred Mosque in Makkah], which is thirty-eight cubits away from the Kabah. It is the well from which Allah quenched the thirst of Ismaaeel the son of Ibraaheem (peace and blessings of Allah be upon them both) when he was an infant. His mother(Haajra(peace and blessings of Allah be upon her) looked for water for him, but could not find any. She climbed to the top of Mount al-Safaa, praying to Allah to help her and give her water for Ismaaeel, then she climbed to the top of Mount al-Marwah and did the same. Allah sent Jibreel(peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) , and he struck the earth, and water appeared.

And guess what, it is still there in Kaaba!

4) Biggest proof is Qur'an because whatever it tells is present in this world, for example Kaaba, where Muslims do Hajj (pilgrimage). And it is still present inthis world!

5) The dead body of Firon, a cruel ruler who used to annoy Musa whenever he had the chance. So Allah drowned him and his body is preserved for the non believers as a sign of what will happen if you die as non believers. His face is black with sins and he will go to hell.

The Quran says: "Have the ignorant polytheists abandoned the true God and chosen, instead, the false and powerlessgods? Tell them: 'Bring forth your proof!' This call of mine to unity is my saying and that of all the learned men of the community, as well as the saying of all the Prophets and learned men before me. But these polytheists have no knowledge of the truth and constantly avert themselves from it. (21:24)

"Did man emerge from non-being through his own devices? Was he his own creator? Did mankind create the heavens and earth? Certainly they do not know God." (52:35-36)

Please read!

Convert to Islam and you will feel the unique trust and power of faith!

Simple. Write a shitty piece of fiction, tell people that if they don't believe it, that they'll burn forever, and tell people never to question any of it, and believe it for no reason or logic.

Tell lots of lies. That'll do.

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