Tips to help me with astral projection?

Packer Fan Asked: Tips to help me with astral projection?

I've been trying this for about two weeks now and it hasn't happened to me.

I lay down.Relax my whole body.I feel my arms getting numb.I start to feel my legs getting numb.I play binaural beats.I imagine myself climbing a rope.Either the numbness of my arms becomes too uncomfortable for me and I stop or I just simply fall sleep.

Do my eyes have to be close for this?What are some easy techniques that have helped you?


Jesus Likes This Answered:
Humans don`t have a "biological virtual camera system". Okay? Deal with it.

Here's a tip:

Give up because its not real as you even tested it.

timelady Answered:
Here's the secret…..

give up, there's no such thing.

Thor is a loving God Too Answered:
I self hypnotized myself a few times and experienced the exact same sensations. That is proof that astral projection is nothing but a load of bullsh!t. It's simply the power of suggestion when in a relaxed state (hypnosis basically).

Sigi H Answered:
Go to the Robert Monroe site or the Monroe Institute. You wi8ll get the best info there. They deal exclusively with astral projection etc. He also wrote at least three books about that subject. I have his books and tapes….

STEFAN N Answered:
what you are searching for are locked inside you and although tips on here may help….only you have the knowledge to search your own spirit…everything within us is spiritual and the spirits use our senses for they cannot speak to you so use the gifts you were given from above…so for you my tip would be to use nature for your search…and why you may ask….and rightly so…my answer would be that we are all connected to the universe via nature for that's were all the senses live so go for walks etc and search wherever the walk takes you….talk to yourself and ask nature for guidance….animals are also a very good connection for they don't speak either yet use their senses….dolphins also use their senses and like us are mammals….go search for your answers and never give up….

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One Responseto “Tips to help me with astral projection?”

  1. Brady says:

    To answer your question correctly, your arms and legs should not be numb. That’s lack of circulation to you limbs. What your trying to achieve is called Sleep Paralysis which takes place in the Hypnogogic State while your mind is awake while your body is asleep. It feels a hundred times different from your arms and legs being numb. If you’d like to learn a little more you can watch my video about sleep paralysis on youtube. Just Google … Brady Ackroyd/ OBE

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