Tips on astral projection people?

Mochi Asked: Tips on astral projection people?

I tried this morning, and my progress is diminishing. I feel as I practice more, I get worse. my whole body vibrated Only once and that was last week!

it was scary b/c the 1st time i did it this morning, I convulsed which starlet me and made me start over… what was that about? when I did it a 2nd time, I imagined the same place, the swing, and I added more imagery and roamed around that place, then I got bored and imagined an item swinging back and forth… I only felt few tingles, but that was it… then I decided to not imagine anything and stare w/ my eyes closed at the blackness..

please any experianced astral projectors ? ): help a 17 year old asian out D: I seriously want to do this?


DrNice Guy Answered:
Just keep doing what you're doing. You'll either figure out it's not possible, or start pretending.

Chiddy 2 the Bang Answered:
I'm 15 year old black guy,but ya it's pretty simple the key to astral projecting is having your mind awake before your body.For example go to sleep at 10:00 pm,and try to wake up 4-5 hours into sleep.Once woken up stay awake for about 10 minutes constantly repeating in your head " I will astral project tonight", and then go back to sleep.Do this every night for about 2 weeks to a month,eventually in your sleep your mind will awaken and you'll project.

rswpbc Answered:
The reason you are having trouble is instead of relaxing and allowing the process to happen, you are trying to force it.You need to focus by closing your eyes, concentrate on breathing,and then start to imagine a location you would like to visit.Be patient and allow the experience to come to you.
when try to force.things to happen or get frustrated you open yourself up to failing and could let the experience get out of hand where you become overwhelmed.

Xen Answered:
You're stressing on it, relax.

Also, eat an apple before you go to sleep – it's pretty much guaranteed to bring strong dreams.

Im just me Answered:
rswpbc has it. You're trying too hard. Follow their directions. It's what I would have said as well. You're trying too hard. Just focus on breathing and relaxing, just let go and let it happen. You might put out a thought to your guides, asking them for help. Mine keep me calm when it's happening so I don't freak out, so that I'm just so relaxed I don't care and it just…happens.

inteleyes Answered:
What some of the others are saying right you need to relax in order to astral project……most people don't realize that in order to be out of body you first have to relax and slow down your breathing that your heart rate slows down as well, and cut way back on the coffee, makes it easier.

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