The Unexplainable Store. Astral Projection Meditation ESP/Psychic Anxiety Aid Shaman Spirit Guide…

Go To: – Astral Projection Meditation Manifestation Sleep lucid dream Esp Chakra psychic Creativity Dna Endorphin Health Motivation Prosperity Weight Loss Hypnosis Memory Past Life Anxiety Confidence. Tons of Free Samples We know you want samples, so we give you tons of them. We already know our recordings work and we will prove it to you. You will receive a 10 minute sample of each technology by joining our mailing list on the top of this page. These 10 minute samples are long enough for you to experience a ""Shift in Consciousness. And you can also listen to 1 minute samples of each individual recordings before you buy. The individual samples are the exact same recordings as the products, just compressed into 1 minute versions. Go To: Three Technologies All of our recordings are available in Binaural, Monaural, and Isochronic. We recommend the Isochronics because they are designed to harmonize with the mind most efficiently. For a video demonstration of each technology, see the Sound Wave Video. Instant Download Or Mailed CDs We offer both! If you are comfortable downloading and unzipping, you can order the MP3s and download them instantly. If you would rather receive CDs in the mail we offer that too! CD's can be ordered from the CD Ordering Page. Go To: Risk Free Guarantee Our guarantee is no joke. Customer satisfaction is our first concern. We treat each customer as if they are our only customer. We <b>…</b>

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