So confused about this dream! please explain to me. I have to go to bed soon and really want to know

Person Person Asked: So confused about this dream! please explain to me. I have to go to bed soon and really want to know

I've already asked this here but I'm desperate for an answer.

OK. I remembered more about this dream this morning but I'm starting a dream journal tonight so I should start remembering my dreams more and hopefully start lucid dreaming. This is what I remember of my dream last night and I would like it interpreted if you know please:

I answered my front door as myself in my own house. Three of my best friends and my Aunt and Uncle came in saying how lovely it was to see me. My uncle who is a production designer in real life placed a box in the chair in our hall with DVD's on top. There were lots of different DVD's by the same director whose name was similar to that of the real Pedro Almodovador, a Spanish director. I remember picking one DVD up which was called "Three Lies" the words written in big, large red letters with a photo of a completely naked girl on the front. The girl I think was a girl from my school who I fancy. I turned the DVD over to look at the back cover and it didn't say what it was about or had any information except in the very corner where it said in these exact words: "It's about reforms."

That's all I can remember. Thank you!


Twinkle Cutie Answered:
To dream that you are receiving a message represents a message from your unconscious.

Answer mine:;

Dan Gleesak Answered:
I see you didn't put your name. So i'm gonna call you Brian if that's ok with you. So Brian, The first thing to analyze is the cover. The naked girl obviously means you don't get much action and you are pretty desperate in your love life. Which is why you're picking porn out of your dvd collection. The second thing is analyzing the word "anal"yze. Which probably means that the movie three lies refers to the three common lies about anal intercourse. I assume you know which ones. But for the girl from your school, You'll get her no probably. Just remember to be a badass, because that's what girls want. Not the sensitive ones who post their dreams on yahoo answers.

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