Smile To Keep Lucid Dreaming

One of the problems that people face while lucid dreaming is being able to stay in the dream once they have realized they are dreaming.  Many times the dream fades away or vanishes instantly once the dreamer notices that they “are not in Kansas anymore”.  Sometimes, even after managing to stay in the dream once the dreamer has noticed they are dreaming, the dream can start to slip away.  It is almost like, the more one is aware of the dream, the more faded it becomes.

One thing that has been useful to me is to smile once I have noticed I am dreaming.  Usually I smile in a slightly sinister way, but still, it is a smile.  A smile is surprisingly powerful in a dream as well as while awake.  Usually, a persons finds themselves smiling as a reaction to something.  Like when someone sees a friend that haven’t seen in a while or when someone is given a gift.  So, some chemical reaction in the brain causes your muscles to react in a way to produces a smile.  A couple of those key chemicals are endorphins and serotonin.  These are “feel good” chemicals.

The really great thing about those “feel good” chemicals is that you don’t have to have something cause you to smile in order to release those chemicals into your body.  Simply smiling for no reason can do it.  If you haven’t already tried it, give it a try right now.  You can literally feel the changes happen when you smile.

So, you might be able to see why smiling while lucid dreaming can allow you to stay in the dream longer.  If you are feeling any fears or excitement (which put adrenaline in your body) and if you can remember to do it, just smile.  Staying cool, calm and relaxed in your dream puts a lot more control in your hands… even if they are just your dream hands.

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