Sleep paralysis lucid dreaming/O.B.E’s?

Alex Asked: Sleep paralysis lucid dreaming/O.B.E’s?

I have been looking in about obes sleep paralysis etc. I also have recently been having some lucid experiences but last night i got into my first sleep paralysis… well twice last night. I used the wild technique and my arms began to get tingly. I could move but it began to become difficult and i started hearing weird buzzing and other noises. I know this is what is suppose to happen but my heart began to speed up fast and i was almost scared and i got my self out of the sleep paralysis. What am i suppose to do when i get to that stage in the sleep paralysis? How do i begin a lucid dream or O.B.E? Lastly is this a dangerous thing to do?


Anon Answered:
The best thing to do when you experience Sleep Paralysis is to realize that you're still asleep! You think you're unable to move, but really you're not even conscious yet. It's like the opposite of a lucid dream, and it makes you feel trapped, but once you realize this you can go back to dreaming or wake up.

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