Share Your Lucid Dream Stories With Us And The World

Inducing Lucid Dreams is happy to share it’s writer’s lucid dreaming experiences and stories as well as the techniques used to induce those dreams.  You can find these stories in our “Lucid Dreaming Stories” category.

We would also like to post the lucid dreaming stories of our readers.  The only thing more entertaining than dreams is lucid dreams.  By sharing these stories and how the lucid dreams were induced, it not only makes for an interesting read, but a learning tool as well.

If you would like to share your dream and have it posted on our blog, send an email to with as much description of your lucid dream as you can.  If possible, please also include any methods or tools used to help you become lucid in the dream.

NOTE:  Please put “Lucid Dreaming Story” in the SUBJECT of the email.

We will review and post the stories as quickly as we can.

Thank you and happy lucid dreaming!


Share Your Lucid Dreaming Stories

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One Responseto “Share Your Lucid Dream Stories With Us And The World”

  1. Friday says:

    When I was young, I used to have the same dream every night for about four weeks. The dream was strange; I was standing on the edge of a giant stone cliff, a sheer drop to a hard landing on spiked rocks below. However, the sky was not a normal sky – it was pure black, with purple, green, and dark blue dots blinking and speeding crazily across it. I was standing on the edge of the cliff, but I wasn’t afraid – I KNEW I WAS DREAMING, I don’t know how.

    Then, after looking at the dizzying drop before me, I would leap off the edge and plummet to what appeared to be my death. It was only as I was close to hitting the rocks, and still had not woken, that I began to scared. The ground rushed up to me, I shut my eyes, and I WILLED myself awake.

    And I would jolt awake, facedown in bed, feeling as if I had just jumped from a cliff and hit the rocky floor below. It would still be night, and pitch black, but I wouldn’t go to sleep for the rest of the night. It had felt so real.

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