Releasing Anger Through Lucid Dreaming Is A Benefit

Angry WomanI had a series of dreams last night. As usual, they were largely semi-lucid dreams.  One particular dream stood out from the others and was among the more lucid of the set.  In this one, I got a chance to totally unload any rage, anger, and disappointment I had built up in me.

I found myself in a music classroom setting.  I’m not sure what lead me there, but the dream just sort of started with the class of music students working on a piece of music.  It appeared to be largely made up of classical instruments; like violins, viola, cello, and so on.  However, one particular cellist had a modified version of a cello.  It had far many more strings than the typical 4 you find on a standard cello.  And in true dream form, it was a pretty ridiculous number of strings.  It looked like there were at least half a dozen strings or more for every one that you would find on a cello normally.

NOTE: This is a great example of a dream clue.  When something is so far out of the norm, it can often be used by the dreamer to realize he or she is dreaming and allow for the lucidity to kick in. However, in this particular case, I was already somewhat lucid and things just kept on rolling.  I don’t regret it because what happens after I notice the strings is pretty fulfilling.

It was a little boy that was trying to play this crazy instrument and he was struggling quite a bit.  I can’t say I blame the poor child.  Suddenly, the teacher lashed out at the child for missing notes and playing bad notes.  It seemed a bit over the top even for a student playing a regular cello.  Now, in real life, I’m not a fan of harsh teaching methods.  In real life, I may not even interfere, but I was in my favorite little world; comfortable, confident, assertive, bold, and brave.  I came down on this teacher like a horrific storm.  I used a very stern and loud voice to demand that the teacher find any students in her class that could even come close to playing this instrument well.

I’m not sure why I was compelled to stick up for this kid.  I don’t recall the sense of being related to him in any way.  For what ever reason, I was out to tone this teacher down.  When I first started yelling at this teacher, she and her assistants just started at me, stunned at my behavior.  This made me even angrier and I yelled, “Now! Get your best students in here… RIGHT… NOW!!”.  She proceeded to find two other students and had them each take a crack at playing the crazy cello.  The first student looked at it and just stared blankly back at the teacher.  Then he said, “I can’t play this thing.”.  Then the second student, a little girl started to give it a try and that is where the dream ended.

I felt so satisfied.  Such a sweet release of anger.  This is one of the greatest things about lucid dreaming.  You get to have your own private playground or testing ground for what ever you need or want to try out.  It’s the ultimate whiteboard for your thoughts.  I don’t typically walk around with anger eating away at me.  I’m a pretty peaceful and happy person, even despite life’s curve balls.  This dream was a mental toy for gratuitous unleashing of anger; which I’m sure relieved me of any I had built up, but was largely for the sheer indulgent release.

The additional great thing about it is that I can think back to it and sort of relive it a little bit as if it had really happened.

This particular lucid dream was induced by sort of a wake and back to bed routine (WBTB method).  I had already had enough sleep, but I was napping further just for sake of enjoyment of sleep.  So, I wasn’t super tired; which means there was a good chance I could avoid falling completely asleep.  This is a great condition for having lucid dreams.

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