Question about lucid dreaming?

Happylocks Asked: Question about lucid dreaming?

I've kind of always been interested in the idea of lucid dreaming, but I've never really gotten too serious about learning how to do it. Every single night, when I'm dreaming, I start to realize that I'm dreaming, but then the dream becomes less vivid and I start to wake up. Do you think that that gives me a disadvantage, because I start to wake up, or advantage, because I can already kind of figure when I'm dreaming?

B.Q. Give me any tips for lucid dreaming you've got. I reallllllly wanna try it.


HK9to5 Answered:
it's amazing that u realize ur dreaming! im.still trying to do that :/
but that is a common problem to lose the dream once u realize it .. but here's a common solution .. when ur dreaming and u feel ur gonna wake up, move ur body in circles .. ull get back to sleep immediately! and if you feel ur gonna move ur body while doing that so u might wake up, then simulate it in ur mind!
i tried this technique when i was waking up from an ordinary dream that i wanted to continue, and it worked :)

Gray Bold Answered:
Lucid dreaming occurs when the person is about to wake up.

Texasippi Girl Answered:
I have no idea BUT just don't get too crazy jealous and keep your eyes open at all times…..That is quite risky to have sex on the couch with you and all the kids sleeping in the next rooms…

Kelly Answered:
A woman's intuition is usually on point

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