Pineal Gland I (936Hz & OM for your pineal gland activation)

936Hz – Pineal gland activation frequency. 136.1Hz – Frequency of OM. Earth frequency. Also called the frequency of the soul. Promotes harmony with the cosmos. Opens blocked energy pathways and restores balance. Isochronic beat 936Hz beat and 136.1Hz base frequencies. Isochronic beat 136.1Hz beat and 936Hz base frequencies. The beats are isochronic, however headphones are still best. Keep the volume low so it is comfortable. If it gets to be too much, stop. TECHNICAL NOTE I get the technical issue with having an isochronic pulse with a beat frequency higher than the base. However a lot of this is intuitional and, I was inspired, and I liked the sound and effects of it. At Karmic Beats I provide binaural, isochronic beats, solfeggio frequencies, meditations and meditation advice, free of charge to all who choose to benefit. I put my positive energies into the beats and through them out into the cosmos. Please check out my YouTube channel for other binaural, isochronic, solfeggio, sound healing, vibrational therapy videos: Playlists of Karmic Beats Videos: Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, OBE, etc. Healing 3rd Eye Study, Focus, Concentration, Memory Improvement Sleep Sex Also be sure to visit my blog page where you will find free fractal art wallpaper for your computer desktop, meditation advice, announcements of upcoming videos and more. The blog is updated <b>…</b>

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