Parapsychology: Spirit guides recent revelation to me?

Josh Alfred Asked: Parapsychology: Spirit guides recent revelation to me?

I guess I ask these questions to test my logic, which has been given to me by this female voice inside my head.

She said, while sleeping we have the potential to dream of our future, and come back to our sleeping bodies. In other words, we have the potential power to move forward and backward through time, if we harness are true psychic powers, these being astral projection. This fits in with the 5th dimensional theories of physics, saying that events can happen parallel to one another, but moving backward in time is not explained. The night she told me this, I had a dream where I had awoken and my mom was doing something around the house, I also had high telepathic communication, and was able to pick up on what she was thinking. Normally my telepathy only comes out when I first approach a new person, and I grows stronger when we do telepathic pracitices, of reading each other minds, becoming more quantum entangled. Well anyways, I woke up from the dream, and it was as if I had actually seen the future, but things went different in the reality I woke up in. My mom did things differently, but yet subtly the same. The other day I dreamed of two arrows, than went online that morning and saw two arrows. Can I expect more of this spooky communication from a distance as Einstein called it, as I develop as a person? Or will my skills always be novice, if you will? She says in the future, we will all harnass the power to live like this, and sleep being a point of startdom from which you project your future? Pretty cool huh? But I don't know how it realates to the Awakening she told me takes place in spiritual evolution. Those that follow might have something to say about this. Thanks for any input. I already know I am insane, dumb, and come off as a charlatan, but I am really having quite the experiences here.


wishnuwelltoo Answered:
Ask her for the numbers to the winning lottery tickets.You keep getting my hopes up.Pick a date and then ask her for the winning power ball numbers or the mega million numbers or something I could really use.Your mom probably does the same or similar routine every day so dreaming about that doesn't mean much.I know my mother will get up in the morning, take some pills, go back to bed, get up take more pills, go back to bed, get up eat, go back to bed, get up eat, maybe shop, then eat again and go to bed for the night.She will yell at everyone in her path.I don't have to be psychic to figure that out.Ask her why I have nightmares and why I don't know the people in my nightmares, and why are they bothering me.

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