PARADIGM SHIFT RADIO.Ep10 – Drum Circles, Half-Truths, Entity Contacts, & Astral Projection / Paradigm Shift Radio is a NEW interactive show to assist in the evolution of consciousness. Live ON-AIR Saturdays at 11pm EST. Join the facebook page to stay in the loop and get involved with future episodes. ____ To help create, find, and connect to Paradigm Shift and other open-minded communities across the globe check out http & ____ Episode 10 Content: Feel the rythme of the cosmic beat. This is skull Babylon and you are about to listen to the Aug 25th episode of Paradigm Shift Radio — the new interactive show to assist in the evolution of consciousness. This episode started off with a little recap on a recent drum circle I took part in and some other community news, from there we moved right into the callers who joined us live on the air to bring up their own topics of interest. We talked a bit about half truths in movies, ufos, remote viewing, communicating with other entities so to speak and how to use discernment, and then we wraped up talking more the ever so popular goal of experiencing astral projection and lucid dreaming. On a technical side note, sorry for the less then perfect mic quality on my end. If happen to be a philanthropist and want to help raise the technical quality of the show feel free to do so by donating at But regardless, thank you for tunning in, join us on facebook, share this with your friends, and see you again next time. Do you have your own ideas, questions <b>…</b>

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