Need help on astral projection!(obe)?

Asked: Need help on astral projection!(obe)?

Now, i'm 13 and have been practising the art of AP. i understand and have done my reseacrch, I hace done various method and got really close the other day… I was in a lucid dream and i said " I will wake up and not move" So i woke up into some sort of sleep paralysis, My Arms were by my neck, then by my side floating, my left arm started floating up and i thought how nice it would be to float , only to jump ack to my body and fall asleep… ive been using the wake up and not move method alot now, if anyoone is experienced in this, please help! :) I also heard someone can help you acheive AP who already mastered it.. if this is true please comment! ty so much!


The more I learn about spirituality, particle physics, macro physics, and other fields, the more I realize the simplistic complexity of the universe and how things work. It's simplistic because everything governs everything else, and it is fairly easy to get fairly accurate predictions of events based on current events and past events. It's complex because there are a million ways of doing everything, and all million ways are used.

So basically what I mean is that the overlying action of achieving astral projection is not that difficult, but there are probably a hundred different ways to achieve that action, which can make it more or less difficult.

The two methods that work best for me are waiting for it to come to me, and coaxing it to come to me. You're using more of a direct approach, trying to achieve the action without setting the mood. Try to be more relaxed, don't be focused on the goal of astral projection, instead focus on setting the mood.

The way I wait for it to come to me is, as you get more used to your thought patterns, you can start to recognize irregularities in the patters. These irregularities can mean various things, but when they feel like your thought patterns during meditation, that is when you can take advantage of the preset mood. This is sometimes accompanied with the ringing of one or both ears. Whenever you hear this ringing, you have prime opportunity to achieve astral projection. When you hear the ringing, close your eyes, start to meditate, and focus on the ringing. Close your consciousness into your crown chakra, then chase the ringing with your thoughts. Close in on the ringing, follow it wherever it takes you, and if you're luckily, you'll follow it right into astral projection.

How I coax the mood, is by directed meditation. As you lay in your bed, perfectly comfortable, first wait until your mind is calm (alpha state) from there focus on calming all tension from your body, starting from your feet. Don't move to the next body part until you are no longer able to feel the current one. Once your entire body is free from tension, and you can literally feel no external force, start searching for any kind of lights. These lights appear differently for different people. For me it is like an aurora you would see in the sky, with blue green and purple coloring. Once you find the lights, raise your essence up to the lights, or bring the lights to you. Once you enter these lights you will be in the astral plane. It takes a long time to learn control was there.

Now remember, these are the two main methods I use. But like I said, there are probably around 100, maybe even 1,000 different ways to achieve the ultimate goal of astral projection. You must find the one that works best for yourself.

I wish you Divine Love and Light on your journey.
Peace and Namaste

Dude, you shouldbe out playing sand lot baseball, swimming with your friends at the river, finishing your homework,helping around the house with chores without being asked, learning about volunteering in community service, .

Even Dr Who recognizes there is no such thing as true Astral Projection .

The only thing that is of another world that you should seek to achieve conection to is becoming known to your Creator , realizing that you will be accountable to and give answer to Jesus Christ who will be in the role of a Judge when you stand before Him.

If you desire fantasy, then go to Disneyland or Disneyworld in America…..At least you will have fun with the friends yougo with.

just saying….cuz your 13 and should not be playing with the dark side of the supernatural


I don't know if this is serious or a joke but if you actually want help with this then yahoo answers is not the right place for this question.


A friend of mine runs this site for people in situations like yours. This is a link strait to his AP/OBE page.

Pull your head out so you can actually see the keyboard. You'll make fewer mistakes.

stop trying to make things happen and just let them happen.

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