My book IDEA??????????????

Asked: My book IDEA??????????????

So, these are just my thoughts written on paper, not final yet. I just want a few opinions before I move on. Any recommendations, etc. I also do not have a name for the main girl in the story. I'm aware this needs some work.
Soul mate is a book about a fifteen year old girl who starts to practice lucid dreaming and outer body experiences. On her sixteenth birthday, she discovers her soul can travel and meet with other souls dead or alive. She thinks so greatly of being able to do this but things arent always what they seem. She meets a soul whom belongs to a boy her age who begs her soul for help to get away from Vanatazi (strict place where souls go when they aren't busy in their human bodies.) but here lives the evil within. When she wakes up, her body is aware that some things different from the night before but blames it on lost dreams but soon after she starts having these weird experiences and is getting what seems to be some sort of power. Shell soon find out what she is capable of and accidentally kills somebody by pulling their soul out.


I think Jezabel is a really nice name. Sounds good! Keep writing, don't let other people's opinions stop you!

sounds alright. id probably buy it at a discount price. but word of advice from a fellow writer. dont get your hopes up. i dont wanna get ya down but publishers mainly look for nonfiction. and you shouldnt publicly broadcast your ideas cause people WILL use it and go off it for thier own. but on the other side you should write it just because you want to. if it doesnt get published so what? you wrote and YOU like it. be proud and write it.

Extremely Exceptional! The girls name should be:
Lily, Shyla, Amber, Oliva, Izabelle or Cassidee

Something simple like Kimberly or Nikita should be fine…..
Lookin forwardto your story btw…….

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