Mars God – Space Rock 2 – The Astral Projects (Goin’ Up) (Indusglyphs ‘Astral Projection’ VID-EDIT)

MP3 Downloads – Artist Link 'MarsGod' comes from Los Angeles, and is a classically trained pianist (with 10+ years training and 10+ years in production experience) as well an accomplished mash-up artist and DJ (under the name 'DJ Yohan Solo'). In 2006, 'Mars God' released 'Space Rock (vol.1),' a trip-hop/electronica album. As 'DJ Yohan Solo' he has produced for Bjork is working with hip-hop legend Canibus, and continues to expand his body of work to this very day. 'Mars God' can also be found in the studio working on a rap career under the name 'The Profit,' and for those who are curious, 'Mars God' is of mixed descent (Brazilian and east-Indian, with roots in Russia, Israel and Romania.)

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