Lucid dreams and sleep paralysis. How can I stop them.?

Amber Asked: Lucid dreams and sleep paralysis. How can I stop them.?

I have been having constant lucid dreams and I know most people would love to have them, mine are more like nightmares. For example, this small dark man (has been in my dreams when i was younger) is always in them and in my most recent dream I tried to control it and make him disappear but I couldn't. Instead I tried to relax and wake up but when I 'woke up', it was a replica of my room and he was standing at my bed. When I eventually woke up I went into a sleep paralysis. I'm terrified of my dreams and am afraid to sleep because of the dreams and the paralysis.

What can I do to stop these dreams or help me to control them better and stop the paralysis.


Scarlet Answered:
If you know your lucid dreaming, try attacking and beating him up.

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