Lucid dreaming/sleep paralysis?

Sue Asked: Lucid dreaming/sleep paralysis?

Okay, I want to be able to control my dreams and do things like skydiving (something I want to do in real life), but I am afraid that if I start having lucid dreams, I will also start experiencing sleep paralysis, which I heard can be very scary! Are lucid dreamers more likely to have sleep paralysis, and how do you train yourself to lucid dream?


Ted Jimmy Answered:
Yeah, if you gain lucidity and get really excited about it in your dream you'll wake yourself up, and sometimes when you wake up you'll be in sleep-paralysis. It's never happened to me when I was lucid dreaming, but I've had it before. It actually isn't so bad after the first time, just sorta annoying, and it'll never do any real harm. You won't regret learning it, its the funnest thing ever. Google will give you plenty of tricks and tips on how to do it, but the main thing is keeping a dream journal. As soon as you wake up write down everything you remember from your dreams, no matter how fragmented. Over time you'll start remembering more of your dreams and become lucid more often.

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