The MILD Technique – Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dream

mild techniqueThis technique is one I find to be very useful.  It can be blended into most other techniques to some degree; in my opinion.  MILD stands for “Mnemonically Induced Lucid Dream“.  This technique revolves around what are referred to as dream signs; hence the term mnemonic.  “Mnemonic” refers to something that assists the memory.

The MILD Technique – Dream Signs

Dream signs are the things in dreams that can be used to trigger the realization that the dreamer is dreaming.  These could be certain actions such as flying or breathing under water.  These could be strange visualizations such as seeing your reflection in a mirror or looking at your hands and seeing that they don’t look quite right.  These could also be symbols that are personal to the dreamer in some way.

One method the some lucid dreamers use to find meaningful dream signs is keeping track of their dreams.  You may have heard of a dream journal.  This can be a valuable tool for a lucid dreamer or someone who is trying to increase dream recall and become a lucid dreamer.

By recording your dreams in a journal and going back over your notes, you may notice certain themes or patterns will emerge.  With a broader view of your dreams, you can see the commonalities therein and I have read that very important, but normally overlooked, items can be discovered from studying the content of your dreams.

The MILD Technique – Realization through reaffirmation

Another major aspect of the mnemonically induced lucid dream technique is to focus your intention to realize you are dreaming while in the dream state.  The way to accomplish this is to come up with a script, phrase, or chant that you can use to communicate to your subconscious that you want to realize you are dreaming.

For example, “When I am dreaming, I will know that I am dreaming and then will have a lucid dream”.  It is the meaning of the phrase that is more important than what you will actually say.  The idea is to create a strong intention to recognize you are dreaming and to trigger your thoughts on this recognition upon seeing or experiencing the dream signs.

Once you have decided on a phrase that works for you, you will want to repeat this phrase over and over prior to falling asleep.  To strengthen the effects, repeat this phrase to yourself through the day.  The more your thoughts are focused on your intention of recognizing the dream state, the better chances you will have of having a lucid dream.

The MILD Technique – Entering lucidity

There are a couple of key points at which you can become lucid using the MILD technique.  One is to become lucid while the dream is happening.  When you are dreaming, if you can remember that you wanted to have a lucid dream and/or you can recognize one of the dream signs, the transition to realization (lucidity) can be exciting.  So much so that it can cause you to wake abruptly.  This brings us to the other point in which you can become lucid.

If you wake from your dream either prior to or after just becoming lucid, try not to get out of position.  Simply reflect on the dream you were just having.  Keep running through the events of the dream and also remember that you have the intention of becoming lucid in the dream.  This will increase the chances of not only getting back into the same dream, but a good opportunity to reach lucidity.

Remember to try to stay calm when you become lucid in the dream state.  There are methods for staying in the lucid dream longer and avoiding over excitement.  These will be covered in another article soon if not already posted.

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