Lucid Dreaming Technique Confirmed: Look At Your Hands!

One the lucid dreaming techniques I have come across suggests that you should look at your hands while in your dream in order to help you realize you are dreaming.  Sounds easy right?  It’s not very easy at all.  However, if you can manage to, it is very much worth doing.

I learned how to lucid dream a long time ago, but I never really pushed it to the limits.  I have had countless dreams where I was in complete control.  On the average though, I only maintain a moderate amount of control.  I recently decided to try to start pushing my limits again to see what I could accomplish in my dreams.  I have been reading up on what some other lucid dreamers have been doing and I am fairly excited about it.  I will probably get into those things more as I make my attempts in the near future.

While dreaming a few nights ago, I was having one of my usual moderately controlled dreams.  At one point, I was walking through a very large rustic cabin-style house.  There was furniture all over the place.  It almost seemed like too much furniture.  As I was walking, I noticed a couple of chairs very faintly sliding across the floor.  Then a couple more pieces of furniture started to move… but just a very little bit.  I found myself wondering if the house was tilting to one side.  The moment this thought came into my mind, the house literally started to tilt.  I wasn’t too surprised since your dreams are very easily affected by what you think about.  However, now I had to quickly deal with lots of furniture sliding across the floor.

The floor suddenly seemed quite expansive.  I was dodging furniture and trying to find a way out without getting smashed.  At this point, the house seemed to be rolling.  I eyed an open window and made my best efforts toward it.  Ahhh, safe.  At least for a moment.   I then found myself a little bit panic stricken.  I almost felt like I was going a little mad.  Things were a bit more out of control than in my normal dreams.  In a bit of a frenzy to try to get back to normal, I had a fleeting thought that I should just do something  jolting in order to wake up from the dream.  I then made up my mind and began to run down the road which was in a quaint little neighborhood.  I decided I was going to find a house with someone home and just start yelling at them and maybe even get into a fight so that it would cause me to wake up.  As I am writing this, the logic seems a bit flawed, but in the dream it made perfect sense.

Just as I made it to the front step of my unsuspecting victim, I suddenly stopped.  I thought to myself that this is my chance to try “it”.  I said out loud in my dream, “look at your hands”, but something kept me from looking.  I repeated that phrase over and over a few times trying to convince myself to look.  I couldn’t and still don’t fully understand why I was having so much trouble looking at them.  However, I managed to look.  I slowly looked down as I raised my hands up to my face.  My hands did not look like my hands, but this was enough for me to realize that I was dreaming.

I plan to test this out quite a few more times as I can’t tell if it is that looking at my hands clued me in that I was dreaming or if it was the realization of looking at my hands that did it, but either way, it worked.  I was instantly filled with joy and empowerment.  I was so over joyed that I caused myself to wake up, but not before having a little bit of fun.  I decided to fly around just a little bit and then realized that I felt I was on some sort of mission.  I came back down to the ground and assumed an old familiar disposition.  Now that I knew I was in control, I got real cocky and decided to confront anything in my path.  In doing this I forgot to take advantage of some other lucid dreaming techniques used to stay in the dream.  The last thing I remember was seeing this sort of half poodle half wolf creature walking around.  It was huge but I approached it fearlessly.  I almost dared it to come at me.  This was a mistake as right then as it was running away from me, it stopped turned around and turned into two freaky dark half poodle half wolf creature thingies.  As if on cue, they started their attack.  Not backing down I met them clashing almost like the end of a Rocky movie when the two boxers were shown in a freeze frame as each of their punches met the other’s face.

The moral of the story is that this technique seems to work as suggested by a number of other lucid dreaming related websites.

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