Lucid dreaming side affects ?

Asked: Lucid dreaming side affects ?

OmRecently I have tride to induce lucid dreamingn instead what i get is a random train wreck of a dream of random and disterbing things while haveing a limited control and pain while in the dream. I then wake up feelling body tension and my face fell like i was trying to press one side of it into the pillow with my strength. I cant seem to stop this from happening its a e every night occurance. I feel my atemps in lucid dreaming had permily screwed up my sleep cycles any one out there know whats happening to me?
Sorry about any errors in this question i just woke upfrom one of these episodes and decided to ask


It sounds like you are working through some tense emotional conflicts in your sleep, your attempts at lucid dreaming probably triggered them to come close to the surface; before they were repressed.

It's not lucid dreaming. it sounds like a plain nightmare or someone who actually touched your leg while you were sleeping scared you. not a ghost.

No. This is not lucid dreaming at all.

You weren't even dreaming!

What happened was your body was shutting down into "sleep mode" you began to go unconscious and that is what freaked you out. You were losing control of yourself and it scared you.

If you had just let it happen instead of freaking out and getting up, you might have gone into a lucid dream.

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