lucid dreaming / professionals or who have ever experienced it . or intense believers?

Loch Asked: lucid dreaming / professionals or who have ever experienced it . or intense believers?

you may of all heard about the new sleeping aid melatonin that it is supposed to help with trying to lucid dream and awakening the third eye. well i can tell you this is true. The reason being, i have had a lucid dream, I have taken this medication since i was a wiper snapper, still am but i am more interested in this phenomena now to ever realize it then. I remember having such lucid dreams, of complete freedom the ability to do as i please and well the cool sh*tfly, and now it seems as if i have a conscious talking to me like i know when stuff is about to happen not as intense as i make it seem but , i think my third eye is about to open or is open and i just can see out of it yet so to speak haha. This medicine MELATONIN is to blame, in fact it is, the reason so is that i recently started taking them again and my second day of use i had a very vivid lucid dream i am not crazy nor am i insane i just want this question to be was an intense dream first i had a dream of not being able to do anything and i was scared to the point of break but later in the sleep say 6 or so hours in i had a dream about the girl i love and was feeling emotion and i just so happened to be able to control my dream my friend who is a spiritual type guy just pops up behind me and sad man i think i unlocked my spiritual powers because he dissapeared. i was likeyeah you ****** for trying to take my girl in my dream andi was like check this out and walked up to him ,and i didnt know i was dreaming but i could control my actions and i started to levitate i know i was like damn this is crazy and he was like damn and i showed him again and we both started floating in a ora of light. this wasnt the first time in this dream i could control my actions the whole time i could. this was interrupted when i had to wake up for school and i was like no im not going to school today i had such an intense feeling of alll the emotions in my dream when i woke. sad , lonely , hate, love,euphoria, such an intense vibe on something some where was trying to communicate with me i think it may be my third eye cause thats where melatonin is produced and thats what i started to take again and it reintroduced lucid dreaming and now i feel all crazy inside. i wonder if you could tap so far into a dream seconds feel like hours and hours feel like seconds and this is why there is beliefs of ancient tales of these things that are unexplainable today. or they- the masters of body and mind could use this state of mind to levitate and do things i could only do in my mind as i am still a pupil. i know this for a fact that melatonin is to blame because on my second day of using it i had a lucid dream so lucid i didnt know it was a dream but i have knew it was a dream before because one time i was fighting this monster and i was like wtf and i close my eyes in my dream and i can wake myself up. this happend for as long as i can remember talking melatonin . give it a try2 -3mg pills and you might im not sure if the chosen are only able to lucid dream but it is something like youve never experienced before.


Sir Mart Ash Answered:
I have lucid dreams but I don't think i'm a chosen one, however, I do think you are crazy.

Lawson Answered:
Hmmm… I've never heard of melatonin. I lucid dream quite often but the odd thing is that i have this kind of foresight in the REAL world. It is really wierd :/

Umesh Sharma Answered:
You are not lucid. You are in emaciation. Stop Malatonin immediately otherwise you would remain in delusions even you are awake. Long morning & evening walk with some deep breathing exercise will reinforce your mental energy. There is no third eye. Nature has given us only five senses and when any one or two or three cross normal level of sensitivity, then the individual feels about 6th sense. Third eye notion is itself a delusion.

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