Lucid Dreaming & Out of Body Experience – Stay aware as you fall asleep (1 of 4)

Every night when we fall asleep we have the opportunity to consciously experience our non-physical realities. By learning to stay aware when the body sleeps, we gain multidimensional awareness, astral projection, out of body experience (OOBE) and lucid dreaming. This Higher Self video teaches a simple awareness and energy technique to help you experience your multidimensional self. Every human is a multidimensional being, yet few of us have the conscious experience of our multidimensional selves. The simplest and most direct way to experience other dimensions is to learn how to stay aware while the body sleeps. Once this "mind awake, body asleep" skill is learned, then lucid dreaming, astral projection / astral travel, soul travel and out of body experience (OOBE) become simple to experience. This Channel Higher Self video will teach you a simple method to quickly put your physical body to sleep using breath, energy and intention. Once the physical body is relaxed, feeling heavy and rested, an amplification of the non-physical energy is created to help awaken the energy body (second body, etheric body). This etheric body is responsible for our dreaming state. A third energy body (astral body) can then be awakened within this second body (etheric body) to allow us to travel freely within the astral dimensions. A technique to awaken and experience a fourth non-physical body (soul body) is also taught. With regular practice anyone can learn how to stay aware while falling <b>…</b>

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