lucid dreaming gone wrong…?

butta love Asked: lucid dreaming gone wrong…?

One night I was dreaming alot… each dream, I was having sex with ppl (I knew I was dreaming so thats what I would do, have sex). But this one dream, I was on a what seemed like a table getting a massage. When I tried to have sex with the person massaging me, he turned into what seemed like a monster. Scared the **** out of me!!!! I awoke!!! What happened?


Bored Goblin Answered:
your mother woke you up so you do not miss school.

DBZRulez Answered:
I don't know talk to your friends or someone trust if they haven't fantasized before they are lying. The fantasize part they would understand the monster thing eh not so sure about it but you can't control your dreams.

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