Lucid Dream Induction – The I-Dreamer – "Neuroscape" – Binaural Beats (90 Min Sleep Cycle) *Headphones required for binaural beats to work* This lucid dreaming induction is a variation of the original i-dreamer. Improvements a more gradual descending-step-sequence (alpha to delta) to induce sleep. Quieter and more frequent affirmations. Refined gamma peaks (40hz). The first 65 minutes will entrain you to a deep delta sleep using a descending binaural frequency + various water sfx. The remainder consists of a low-theta wave to help transit your mind into REM sleep. During this segment I have recorded various affirmations to help trigger a lucid state: "You are dreaming" "Do a reality check" "This is a dream" "You are taking control of your dream" Within the theta-wave are various 4-5 second long peaks peak at 40 Hz. ("…an EEG machine recorded frequencies in the 40 Hz range in lucid dreamers enjoying a bit of conscious REM…")

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