Lucid Dream backfired?

Asked: Lucid Dream backfired?

Recently a good friend opened my mind to Lucid dreaming and the concept had me interested so i thought i would give it a shot. iv never had recurring dreams before and i only have a handfull that i can recall the events as i believe they had some significance because i could actually remember them.
last night was my first attempt not at lucid dreaming but by just realising and accepting i was dreaming, however it did not turn out as i expected. in the dream i was in a small damp room (like a scene out of saw) with a few familiar faces. the dream was not a nightmare but the setting did not make it exactly pleasent. i cant remember the words that were said between me and the friends that appeared in my dream as that part is blurry. anyway the bit that has me concerned occured i think when i realised i was asleep and dreaming, the original dream disapeared and i felt a sharp knock on my leg, all i could see was darkenss with a shimmering vision like it was shaking. something was whispering in my head but the words were incomprehensible, it kind of reminded me of the whispering of sauron in the lord of the rings movies. it was really creepy and i felt like i was possessed by something. i knew i was asleep as in my head i was constantly telling myself to wake up, i was in a state of panic i tried moving to wake up but i couldnt, i tried shouting out but could only produce a whimpeing sound which i could hear perfectly. the dark shimer and whisper became more vivid and loud and i was beginning to accept that i was being possessed by something when i managed to move my legs and wake up. it was 5 in the morning when i woke up and i was too afraid to go back to sleep. im not sure if this occured because i tried to exeperiment with lucid dreaming or if it was just a coincidence. im not a big believer in the paranormal but this genuinly felt like something took control of my body. if anyone has any useful information or a similar experience feel free to share.


Lucid dreaming and "recognizing" that you are dreaming take a very long just even recognize you are dreaming can take people years.So you are saying the first time you layed down you did it?How?? whatd you do lol cuz u cant just tell yourself, "ok im going to know when im dreaming"

It's not paranormal. The body has a way of paralyzing itself while you sleep. This is why most people don't get up and walk around when they're dreaming. I don't know how this function works or what it's called but it definitely is a real bodily function. So since the body halfway paralyzes itself while it is sleeping this can make it very scary when a person lucid dreams because the lucid dreamer can kind of feel their body is frozen and it freaks them out and then when they try to move or try to wake up and can't it can be even more upsetting.

I've had this happen to me more than once while messing around with lucid dreaming. Usually when I become lucid I either get a bit euphoric because I think I can do anything I want OR I panic because I feel trapped in the dream and then I try my hardest to wake up and then eventually with enough panicked effort I am able to be successful and wake up. The panic can be quite unpleasant. It's pretty much why I stopped doing lucid dreaming. Coincidentally I have just started (just today) trying to lucid dream again. I will see how it goes.

Just know that you aren't crazy and you aren't alone in feeling this way when trying to lucid dream and you certainly weren't being possessed even though I'm sure it felt that way.

Best wishes :)

P.S. the vividness is a normal feature of lucid dreams.

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