Know any good tips on lucid dreaming?

skater101 Asked: Know any good tips on lucid dreaming?

Best way too start lucid dreaming?


Trololo Answered:
It takes lots of practice and relaxation.
You need to focus on what you will dream about for the entire day.

Christian Answered:
just remember its a dream and when you realize its a dream just think about something you want to happen and it usaully does. well that works for me

Kristi Answered:
I've been practicing and I've found that if you focus on that you are going to remember it's a dream before you fall asleep, it helps. I read somewhere that if you look at your hands or focus on something like the texture on a wall that it helps you realize it's a dream. It's really hard, ive lucid dreamed maybe…twice, three times. Two of those i just spontaneously realized it when i noticed how unnatural everything was.

Joel Answered:
I don't know I'll let you know when I've tried.

aaron Answered:
Go to and look for herbs that help induce lucid dreams. Also watch the movie waking life. Alot of good tips in that movie.

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