Is This Really Astral Projection?

Asked: Is This Really Astral Projection?

Okay, so I went to sleep early perfectly fine and I woke up at 5. I talked to my friend until 6 then I went back to sleep, and I woke up in my parents room. I walked back to my room and I saw two bodies on the bed. My friends, and my own body. I tried laying back in my body but I went right through it. No body could see me, and I knew it was astral projection. Then I was in a different state, and I was with one of my friends and her little sister. I remember us going to a party and I kept saying stuff, and forgetting my clothes and I realized no body could see me. Then her little sister could see me, and I could tell when she reached out to hold my hand. I was beyond freaked out, and I asked my friend to search up to how to go back in my body. She didn't, but I remember thinking "Just remember your conscious" so I started thinking and I woke up. I kept feeling things making sure I wouldn't slip through, and my mom could see me. I know it's a dream, but it just seemed so real. Do you think that was astral projection?


No, that was a dream.No one has ever been able to so much as astrally project themselves into the next room and come back to talk about it.

You know it was a dream, and it was a dream. That is what astral projection is, imagining or dreaming you are leaving your body.
Look up lucid dreaming, that is when you know you are dreaming and can control your dream somewhat to include 'astral projection'.


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