Is this kind of sleep paralysis normal?

Asked: Is this kind of sleep paralysis normal?

Occasionally, 5-10 minutes after I fall asleep, I wake up paralyzed. It happened about 8 times already. I think the normal sleep paralysis happens hours after you fall asleep.


no dude, it can happen any time, right after you fall asleep, when you wake up etc. it happens to me every once in a while, but for me i get hallucination of family members calling my name, the walls shaking and knocking and a feeling that if i let go and go into this darknessfeel beneath me i'll die, and sometimes i see figures of ugly monsters right next to me but i'm not afraid because they're just hallucinations, i just try to move slowly as much as i can until i come out of it.

Also, did you know that sleep paralysis is a way into astral projections? it's pretty cool but i don't recommend it because it's something that leaves you vulnerable in some spiritual ways, there are things in this world that we cannot see that are harmful and by astral projecting you might find some of this things so don't do it, i'm telling you by experience (:

Sleep paralysis is normal, don't worry about it

It's an emo wish that doesn't work.

Yes.After a lifetime of study and meditation, It is rumored that a Buddhist monk is able to pull it off.It's only a rumor, mind you.

Sure.What you do is, you get yourself some weird little thing to stare at first.Could be a big crystal, could be a diagram in clashing colors like red and green.So anyway you sit there in some dim and gloomy place like under your bed and you stare at this thing. Keep your gaze firmly fixed on it.After a short period of perhaps 20 minutes or a day or three you will see a landscape or something, and with practice you can train yourself to "move around in it."

That's what they say anyway.It's a way to force yourself to hallucinate basically.

Does that mean someone sticks out too far in the back? Sense of Humor?

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