Is there a medication that can stop you from dreaming?

AJ Asked: Is there a medication that can stop you from dreaming?

I'm 22 years old and have had this problem for about the last four years. No matter if I take a five minute nap or a ten hour sleep I am constantly dreaming. My dreams are extremely vivid I can always remember fine details. About half of the dreams are about current events in my life and the other half are just off the wall, what can be described as acid trips. The ones about my life are the simple things of girlfriend problems and stressing over tests or partying, some bad some good… But the unorthodox dreams come and go in all directions. I go to fictional places meet fictional people interact with fictional things and all the while I just accept it as normal as in most dreams. I've mastered lucid dreaming when I first heard of it a couple years ago. I learned it over a couple weeks, used it for about a week and then lost all interest in it. Its funny how once you can do anything in or out of this world, everything loses interest. I stopped trying to control them and let myself get lost in them unconscious to the fact that I'm unconscious. I can still occasionally wake myself when I want if the situation I'm in is undesirable, but a funny thing is I've tried waking myself up in real life bad situations too. I haven't brought it up to my doctor because of how ridiculous it sounds but it's getting to the point where I'm just becoming restless and would like some empty sleep. I literally haven't had a single dreamless sleep in the last five years.

Is this some sort of medical condition? Is there some sort of drug that can reduce a chemical being released in my brain or are dreams just an active mind?


SlaveBunny Answered:
At this time there is no meds to make you stop dreaming in your sleep.

Joseph the Second Answered:
Interesting !!! -And I don't think So.Maybe You should see a Sleep Therapist about This- to get some Ideas. I've never heard of a "Disorder" like This… But there COULD be One. And if There IS, maybe They can help…Good luck !:)

Frank Answered:
Clonidine controls nightmares.

You should be avaluated by a sleep specialist.It is not normal to be dreaming within 5 minutes of being asleep.

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