Is my book idea good?

Asked: Is my book idea good?

There are these species who are a basically a crossbreed between birds an humans but call themselves angels since they have wings. They have a few abilities (not sure about these yet) like astral projection, (for a certain amount of time). persuasion (it can be used for things like, making someone share candy but not something big like trickig someone into marrying you) some can conduct the electricity in their body to send sparks at their finger tips (this is something I'm not sure of either) and some can sense auras to tell which direction someone is in but not how far or their exact location
A 16-year-old "angel" named Evangeline was a princess, and her assassination is inevitable now that the Sayge tribe is at war with the Relles tribe. So her mother wrote in her will that he wanted Evangelines younger sister Ella to be the next in line for the throne because sh likes Evangeline better, and then her mother killed herself. Evangeline was exiled from the royal family and now lives with her godfather, who is also her Employer, has sent her off into the human world as a Gatherer, meaning it's her job to gather as much information as possible. She ends up falling in love with a human which is jus a subplot.
Anyway, she doesn't want her sister Ella to be killed instead of her (Ella, being young, is unaware of the fact that she could be assasinated) so she tries to protect her and Ella takes that as trying to overthrow her so she banishes her from Everland (not the final title for their world) and in the second book that I'm planning, she tries to redeem herself.

Also, I wrote another book and sent it in to a publisher an it was accepted. But I'm only 13 and they don't know that. Would that be an issue when they find out I'm under 18? The company is Publish America


It shouldn't be a problem.
And I would really like to read that, it's original and sounds great. Reading it I wouldn't have guessed you're 13. Great work.

Answer Mine?

Omigosh! You're awesome. This is a great story. Keep working on it! Build on the characters — you know, so they're more life-like. Add flaws and personalities to them and you've got yourself a great story! I love that it's so original and thoughtful. Make the story full of many twists and turns to keep the reader entertained and obsessed with it.
I've heard of a thirteen year-old publishing a book so I'm sure it won't be much of a problem. In fact, I just looked it up and they said they can work with writers of nearly any age. (web address: )
Definitely keep writing! You've got talent. ^_^

Wow, that sounds like it's gonna be a great story. I read alot – especially sci-fi / fantasy and i would read it. I don't think your age will be a problem. Just make sure you protect your work -find out aboutcopywrights. Find out all you can about the publisher also.

Sounds like a really good book- one I would definatly be interested in reading. And the name Evangeline seems to fit an 'angel' perfectly in my opinion. And the half bird- half human hybrid is a really cool twist!!!!
Hope this helps and Good lluck with your story =D

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