Is Lucid Dreaming Real?

I see this qIs lucid dreaming realuestion asked from time to time and it always kind of puzzles me.  However, I can understand why someone would ask, “Is lucid dreaming real?”.  To someone who has never experienced it and has heard someone describe it, it must seem pretty unbelievable.

From my own experience, I can tell you that, yes, lucid dreaming is absolutely real.  You don’t have to take my word for it though.  There are plenty of account and claims and descriptions of people doing it on the internet.  There is, however; a bit of confusion and gray area regarding lucid dreaming.

Some people describe it as being more than what it is such as referring to it as astral projection.  I have also seen where people have substituted the term “sleep paralysis” for lucid dreaming.

I think lucid dreaming is it’s own thing and that thing is the realization that you are dreaming.  Scientific tests have shown that a dreaming brain and a lucid dreaming brain look very different.  A lucid dreaming brain shows activity similar to a brain of a person who is awake.  This to me shows that more of the conscious mind is aware and in control and since the body is actually in a state of paralysis.

This is where the fun happens because the dreamer, at this point, is in the dream world and fully capable of observing and/or controlling that world.  With practice, it is an experience unlike any other.

Now, I also strongly believe that lucid dreaming is easily a starting point for a number of other states of mind or spirit.  Much of this starts to become a matter of belief.  Some people believe that people are already connected in some way to begin with and that lucid dreaming offers a conduit to exploring that connection.  There are even some scientists who havce claimed to perform and document these activities.

I think you will find that this area of study will grow in the somewhat near future as people realize what humans can really do, but that is getting a bit out of range for this post.

Without a doubt, lucid dreaming is real and without going beyond that, it isn’t some magical type of event.  It is quite a natural occurrence and I would suggest that anyone should try it.  If you have worries or doubts, I encourage you to keep snooping around the internet and continue your research.  It is an experience that is easily attainable and absolutely worth trying.

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Happy dreaming!

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  1. elizabeth parrish says:

    I have been lucid dreaming for about four years. At first it was frightening as well as seductive. I have no one in my circle of family and friends that experiances these night adventures. So I am sure my husband finds my articulations ridiculous at times. The one aspect of my lucid dreams that amazes me is the eye contact with other people in the dream. If it is a dream. These are not faces of anyone I can recall meeting in real life. They are so expressive in nature, as if I “know them”, or they know we are in a lucid dream together and they exist in the real world as well. I would appreciate any input on this. Best Liz

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