Is lucid dreaming like a whole new world ? And can I get stuck in one?

Becca Asked: Is lucid dreaming like a whole new world ? And can I get stuck in one?

Like are you out of your body or something and you can do whatever you want? and can you like not wake up from one?


NeverCloneAnotherLikeThis Answered:
no you cant not wake up from one.
ive had multiple and its like youre awake in a dream. youre like totally conscious but youre asleep.
you can control every aspect of the dream so it can be a whole new world. honestly ive only banged hot chicks in mine but theres so much more you could do…like bang cats..

Miguel Answered:
Yea it's everything different or same but it's a dream that you can't wake up from and you're conscious the whole time in your dream so yea that's about it.

Laurence Answered:
You can't get stuck in a lucid dream. But you can control EVERYTHING and do whatever you want. The way to start a lucid dream is to realize that you're dreaming. Say you fall asleep on the couch in front of your tv. In your regular dream, maybe you hear a tv show theme song playing and think "Hey, wait a minute, this is a dream!" Then you have complete control and can do whatever you want. But sometimes the realization is too much and you wake up. Still, you CAN wake up from a lucid dream.

Aly Ray Answered:
yes you can do whatever you want you cant get stuck! and its so nice, here is a nice site that tells you it all :) :

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