Is it actually possible to perform ‘Astral Projection’?

Asked: Is it actually possible to perform ‘Astral Projection’?

For those who don't know, it's making yourself have an out of body experience.



Yes as a matter of fact it is possible. I have never done it but I know a buddy who could do it legit, you may ask"How do you know"?
Well I had this marker that you can only see under a black light and my buddy was in the other room and would have not known what I wrote on a piece of paper, and i had the paper in my pocket folded, until he went to sleep.then i grabbed my black light and turned it on, the message said "mom made cookies", and i monitored his movement for three hours, he did not move at all. then he woke up and said "where is my ******* cookie"? i nearly shat myself because i did not think he was telling the truth so i preceded to go to the kitchen and make some cookies because my buddy was a douche and was serious…..

nope anybody that tells you different is a liar

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