Is it a sin to open your third eye/pineal gland? ?

jtjackson Asked: Is it a sin to open your third eye/pineal gland? ?

Hello all. I am a Christian who regularly prays and meditates. I am a very spiritual person. I recently have learned about astral projection and how to increase your natural psychic abilities. I was wondering if astral projection or opening your third eye is a sin. I have a good understanding of the bible, and I think it is ok to do as long as I do not use it for sinful reasons. I plan to use it to help people and would like to state that I am not using it to talk to ghosts,etc.If I ever did talk to anything it would be my guardian angel. And just as the bible says I would test the spirit. I don't remmeber the passgae but the apostle Paul said to test any spirit you come across and if it does not confess Jesus as true God , then you should not talk to it. Thanks all!!

Also, I remember hearing that the pineal gland is the third eye so then by all logic using it isn't sinful?


cheir Answered:
Astral projection etc has nothing to do with Christianity but with the occult – condemned by the Bible.

DrFrog again Answered:
When I started med school back in the late 80's, the function of the Pineal body was unknown. Scientists couldn't figure out what it was good for :)

Now it's the soul, 3rd eye or some other such nonsense, LOL

Never finished med school, permanently disabled following a head injury.

Slash Answered:
You have described mumbo-jumbo very well. You must be very young. Every person has a secret desire to work magic on other people so they can manipulate nature to their personal advantage.

There are people who cater to gullible people like you and then they fleece them – dont you ever fall into their trap.

You talk as if you want to stay away from "sin".

If GOD has to work through you – he will choose you – you will lose your personal will. This is my humble belief.

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